Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adventures in Fondant

For those of you who don't know, my mom is a very talented cake decorater.  She teaches Wilton cake decorating classes at Michael's and makes lots of birthday and wedding cakes.  Someone she knows wanted her to make some fondant penguins based on a photo of a cake she found in a magazine -I guess her granddaughter loves penguins.  So mom said she would and then recruited me to help.  My mother loves to decorate cakes but doesn't like the sculping part so much -she mostly does the decorating and making flowers.
Anyway, today I bundled my little kidlets up (- 26 degrees plus windchill -brrr!) and spent the day at Mom's house experimenting.  Here are our birthday penguins (I did the penguins, mom did the party hats)

I was having fun playing with the fondant/gumpaste and decided to keep creating.  My son, Carter (3 and a half), wants a "How to Train Your Dragon" themed birthday party and I decided to attempt to make a dragon for his cake -ambitious, since it is still over 3 months away...
Presenting Toothless:

and a different angle (although I'm not impressed with the picture... my bad)

Carter likes him... so much that he wants me to make 5 of the other dragons from the movie for this cake.  I am not sure how that'll go over, but I guess we'll see what we can do.

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