Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cloth Diaper Re-Fashioned: Prefolds no more!

So, I need to get back into cloth diapering again.  Being in the hospital so much with baby Hailey has got me out of the habit since she needs to be in disposables so they can weigh them (to keep track of in's and out's)...

Anyway, now I am so used to the convenience of disposables and I am so sick of laundry that I can't get back into it.  Plus, the pocket diapers I made are now too small and I only have a few Gro Via soakers and 2 mini diapers.  I have a dozen pre-folds that are BIG and BULKY because you have to fold them in thirds and then fold the end back over itself to make them fit.  But I LOVE my mini diapers and the soakers.  Problem is, I am too cheap to buy a ton of the Gro Via soakers and don't want to take the TIME to sew all the mini diapers.  My solution?

Way less sewing and cutting.  And they are just as easy to lay in my one size fits all GroVia covers. 

Want to make your own? Great!  I'll show you.

First, I laid out my Gro Via soaker on the prefold and cut the prefold the same length.  If you don't have a store bought soaker, you can just cut it a bit shorter than your cover so that it will fit in nicely.

I used the extra piece to make an extra booster (insert, booster, whatever you want to call it) for added absorbancy (without all the bulk at the front like the prefolds).  I cut it the same size as a liner I already had, but you could just make up your own pattern.  Just cut a long, narrow strip and round the ends a bit.

I cut a piece of cute flannel the same size to put on the top.

Pin the flannel to the piece of prefold.
And sew around the edges.  I used a zig zag stitch all around (overlapping the edges) so it won't fray.  Then I also did a straight stitch on the inside of the zig zag just to reinforce.

I did the same thing on the cut edge of the prefold -zig zag and straight stitch.

Set the zig zag at stitch length 4.0 and put them 1.5 apart.

Finished edge:

Finished product with the booster.

And here is mine next to my Gro Via set.

Well, it's not the same (no elastic and all), but it will do in a pinch!  Now only 11 to go...

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