Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Birthday Party

My baby girl has been ONE (wow, can't believe it) for one month now and we just finally had her birthday party (just with family) on the 23rd of October.  

Remember my little pumpkin pinatas?  Here they are -all my hard work, being smashed to bits!!  Gotta love it.
 And... we have the stop-making-me-look-at-you-so-I-can-smash-the-heck-out-of-this-thing-already look of death going on right there... haha

 My little one year old finally getting the hang of crawling (and attempting the stairs...tsk tsk).

The LOOT, baby!

And here are my cute pumpkin cupcakes.  You can tell I put a lot of effort into them (wink wink)... They are so EASY. 
 Just did a swirl around them using my Wilton cupcake icer tip and used a regular star (I think a #16) to make a stem.  Added a leaf with my leaf tip... and DONE!  Easy Peasy.

Oooh... what do we have here?

Are you seriously going to let me eat this little piece of heaven?  Isn't this forbidden or something?

Oooh yeah!

It was  pretty low key, relaxed birthday, but after the year we've had, I think it was called for.  The cousins and siblings all had fun throwing their pinatas on the floor, sitting on them, smashing them, etc... it was worth it!

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