Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week of Ornaments #5

I love how this little snowman (or should I say snow woman, since it has a pink scarf?) turned out.  
All you need is a flat wooden circle (whatever size you want), paint, some googly eyes and a small scrap of fabric.  Easy peasy!  Ok, so you know I've been hanging around my kids too long when I start saying "Easy Peasy"... I love 'em, what can I say?

Take you wood circle and paint it white.  Hard work, I know. 

Add a carrot nose with orange paint (when the white paint is dry, of course).

When the paint is dry, outline the nose in black felt tip marker.  Add a mouth with the same marker.  Put on a couple googly eyes with your glue gun.  Then the trickiest part.... cut a narrow strip of fabric and, using your hot glue gun, attach it to look like a scarf.  Note: that isn't actually a knot... just glue it around your snowman's neck until the ends meet, then make one side wrap around.  Glue down any parts that stick up more than you want.  And make a loop out of some string or ribbon and glue it down on the back to hang it up with.

Look at that crazy stare and silly grin -aren't snowmen just a bunch of flakes?!

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