Monday, January 9, 2012

Shaker Valentine's Day Cards

Remember the Snow Globe Card I posted over at Nap Time Crafters back in December?  Well, I decided to make some Shakeable Valentines.  When my Mom and I used to make cards like this when I was young, they were traditionally for Valentine's Day and we would use cinnamon hearts.  I am thinking about using this idea to make invitations for Chloe's birthday party too.  Ok, so I'm a little obsessed at the moment.  But they are so fun!

You'll need:
foam core (the 1/2 inch kind seems to fit the candies best)
X-Acto knife
clear overhead sheets
papers, ribbons, etc. for embellishments
and CANDY!

So first you cut a rectangle from your foam core.  And cut a "window" out of it.  I leave at least an inch all around.  Then mark which side you want to be the front.  If your rectangle is symmetrical, this isn't necessary, but I left a wider area on one side.

Trace the outside edge and the window onto cardstock.  You will want to make sure you are tracing onto the BACK of the paper so you won't have pencil marks on the front. 

Then trace the shape you want (I did a heart) onto your "window".  Make sure it fits!  You can use a cookie cutter or just a template you make out of paper.

Cut that out.

Then trace around the OUTSIDE edge ONLY onto the cardstock you want for the BACK.

Cut that out.  Then glue it to the BACK (so the right side of the paper is to the back).  You could use a glue stick or tacky glue.  It is easiest to put the glue on the FOAM CORE and not the cardstock.  You don't want glue on the part of the cardstock that will be touching the candy -yuck!

Using Tacky glue, I glued ribbon around the edge to give it a more finished look.  You could also leave it, or use paper, tissue paper, colored tape, etc. 

Cut a piece of the transparency sheet that will cover the entire cut out shape (with a bit extra on the sides).  Put glue all around the shape you cut out and attach the transparency piece. 

Put some candies into the "window".  Make sure they are small enough that they will fit when you add the top of your card.  Conversation hearts, small jelly beans, cinnamon hearts and candy corns all work well.

I cut out one of the cupcakes from this paper to embellish the front.  I also tore off a piece of the striped paper I used for the back.

Then I used a super easy trick to transfer some text onto the valentine.  I printed the words I wanted (in my chosen font). 

Then I used a 6B (soft leaded) pencil to color all over the back of the words.

Then cut out the words and place them where you want on the paper -right side up again -like this:

Then use a hard leaded pencil (like a 6H) to trace over the letters.  Make sure you press hard enough to transfer it to the nice paper.

I then went over that with a felt tip marker (I am wishing I had a super fine tip one, though, because it bled a bit).

Now put glue on the foam core on the front and put the front paper on.

There you have it.  Aren't they cute?

What do you guys have cooking for Valentine's Day crafts?

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  1. So cute!

    I invite you to link this (or any other Valentine's Day posts) up with the Find Some Love Fest on February 1st!

  2. What a sweet and thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift!

  3. What a cute idea! I hope I can get my little grandson to look at the card before ripping it open to get the candy. lol

  4. This is so cute! Conversation hearts are one of my favorite candies!

  5. Oh! Very cute! And a great idea to use up that leftover foam core I have (why must they sell it such gigantic sheets?!).