Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DEAL! -Free Baby Sling

I found a great deal today (in my inbox) that I thought I'd share with everyone.  Because I can't use it, I figure someone should benefit from it. 

Seven Slings is offering free baby pouch slings -all you pay is shipping.  Just type in the promo code VALENTINE and it will deduct 100% of the cost, you just pay the shipping.  Make sure to check out the sizing chart to get the size right.  Oh, and a bonus -you can use it more than once!  Just open a new browser each time you do.  If you have a lot of baby showers coming up, this would make a great gift.  And I think they will exchange it one time for a different size if it doesn't fit.

Have a great day!  And happy shopping.

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  1. Drop me a quick e-mail. I'm following up on that hint that I gave about Feb and an opportunity.