Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oreo Cookies

 So, can I just say I am SOOOOO very excited (and terrified) for this move!  I can't believe it's coming in 3 weeks.... but I wish it was tomorrow.  I'm so sick of packing already.  I can't stand living with boxes everywhere and staring at all the things I CAN'T pack yet because, well, we still need to LIVE. Needless to say, I haven't done a lot of crafting, but I can pretend that I still belong here, right? Lol.

Remember back to Valentine's Day when I said I would post all the recipes?  Well... better late than never, right?  Right!

So here goes.  For the pink, heart-shaped oreos I used the same recipe as the candy cane oreos I made at Christmas time, just substituted a white cake mix for the chocolate cake mix -and added some pink food coloring.  Then instead of forming them into balls, I put two smaller balls together and tried to make them into heart shapes.  I think I would have preferred the chocolate cookies and pink icing (maybe flavored like cherries or strawberries), but now I know better for next year.

I also made us some heart-shaped calzones (some with pepperoni and some with JUST cheese).  They were pretty tasty.  Next time I need to get a bigger heart cutter (or use a big circle)... mine leaked a bit and they were small to begin with so they didn't have a lot of cheese left in those ones.  
 The kids liked them -I think they would eat a lot more foods if they were all in cute little shapes!  I used this recipe that was on Craftzine for the dough.  I used slightly different toppings -that's the beauty about pizza-like foods!  Easy peasy, as my son would say.

And now I will sign off, go curl up with my book and pretend not to feel guilty about not packing.  Have a great night!

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