Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest Picks -For the Home

Can you tell I'm getting excited to have my own house?!  Haha.  This week's Pinspiring post is all about things I have been pinning to my For The Home board.  And, man, am I ever excited to try some of these out!

First up is a gorgeous lamp refashion from one of my very favorite bloggers -Kimbo at A Girl And A Glue Gun.  She spray painted it and added a little pizzazz with a pleated "ribbon" and some cute polka dot fabric (and, of course, a glue gun!).

 Cute Lamp Makeover by A Girl and a Glue Gun

And another favorite is this -magnetic paint inside the cabinet door to hold those little magnetic spice tins.  Although, my kitchen cabinets will be oak, so I'd have to repaint them all -which I want to do anyway.  But that is a LOT of cupboards and so it seems to be a daunting job. 
 I Heart Organizing used magnetic paint to hold her spice containers in the cabinet door

I love this tutorial for a DIY captain's bed.  It has loads of storage under it and therefore takes up less space than storing the stuff elsewhere.  There is another photo on this site that has it done for an adult room with drawers under with rope handles.  Love it.
DIY Captain's Bed with storage by Ana White

And then there's this little beauty... so now I just need to figure out where to snag a giant wooden spool from....  They added some dowels and made it into a bookcase/coffee table.  I so NEED this!  And it would probably be relatively cheap -right up my alley!
 Coffee table/book shelf made from a wooden spool by Vonnylein

This is so cute -if I had a craft room (other than the kitchen table) I would definitely want one of these little caddies for all my crafty stuff (scissors, X-Acto knife, ruler, etc).  Made from an old coffee can.  And although I don't drink coffee, I'm sure I could find someone who does who would give me a can....
 Organizer cover for a coffee can by Flower Girl Design's Etsy shop

Fun kitchen utensil holder. 
 Utensil Holders from Under the Table and Dreaming (who got it from HGTV, but I can't find the post on HGTV to link up to)

And this bag holder is way nicer than mine. But I guess that isn't saying much seeing as right now I just have all my bags shoved not so delicately into another bag and that bag shoved very nicely into my back closet!
Bag holder by House of Grace

Have a fantastic day!  Adios for now.

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