Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Latest Garage Sale Find

So Sorry there was no Foodie Friday yesterday.  My In-Laws watched the kids from yesterday afternoon until this afternoon and Paul and I got to celebrate our anniversary (which is tomorrow)!  We went to two movies and dinner in between.  But on the way to the movie I saw a garage sale I just couldn't pass up.  LOL.  My husband is probably rolling his eyes right now if he's reading this.... but anyway, he knew my love of garage sales before he married me. 

The garage sale was put on by a school group raising money for a trip, so I snagged these awesome scooter things for $4 each.  Sadly, I didn't have enough cash, so they held them for me until today, but someone accidentally sold one so now I only have 2 (and 3 kids... uh oh). 

Anyone else have these in school??  I was sooo excited about them, and Paul just said "yeah, so?".  haha.  I guess he has accepted that he is growing up and I'm still clinging to my youth. Speaking of, I ate Lucky Charms for breakfast today.   lol.  I remember playing "bucket ball" with these -you know, like basketball only on scooters and shooting into huge (clean) garbage bins.  Or racing.  Anyway, in Elementary school they were SO COOL.  Only ours didn't have handles and lots were made of wood.

On a different note, we had a great anniversary celebration!  We don't often go out to the movies, or to dinner for that matter.  But yesterday we splurged and went to 2 movies and dinner (with a gift certificate).  We saw The Avengers -in 3D -and LOVED it!  It is seriously an AWSOME movie.  Then to Hunger Games.  I'm not going to lie, I love the Hunger Games books (well, at least the first one, and number 2 was ok) but the movie was ok but disappointing.  The camera was too shaky for me.  Blah.  But I highly recommend Avengers.

And now I'm off to our Stake Women's Conference and I'm super duper excited!!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Two movies!!! That is so cool! And dinner! And garage sales! Sounds like an awesome anniversary to me. Thanks for linking up! I'm setting up my next party right now that will start tomorrow if you'd like to drop by, I'd love to have you!