Monday, May 28, 2012

Singing Time Aids

Thought I would just quickly share some of the things I have made for Singing Time recently.  I photocopied some signs from an old singing time book my Mom had (thanks, Mom!) and colored them.  Then used my laminator (of course!) that you have heard me rave about before. 

I made "Boys Only" and "Girls Only" signs...

"Quiet Like a Mouse" and "Loud Like a Lion"
I had some cheap plastic putty knives, so I just used masking tape to tape two together with a putty knife in between (opposites together -Boys/Girls, Loud/Quiet). 

Then when we are singing a song several times in a row -you know, like when they have to learn a new song.... instead of the kids getting bored because they are singing it over and over and over... I get a helper to come up and they choose when to turn the sign.  Then it's more fun and they have to watch!  And we have been using them for Family Home Evening too.  My kids love them! 

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