Thursday, June 28, 2012

Foodie Friday #39 - Cookie brownie bars


So I just had to try these things - they are going around Pinterest like wildfire and Pinterest rarely fails me. Lol  Basically they are just a layer of cookie dough, topped with a layer of Oreos and then a layer of brownie batter -cooked in the oven until it's DELICIOUS!

Since I don't buy store bought cookie dough, I used my own recipe (and froze the extras to use on another evening of weakness).

And I tried the brownie recipe on the box of the Baker's chocolate squares.  They turned out pretty well.  I mean, seriously, how can you fail with a succulent combo of 3 delicious ingredients?!

Paul and I loved eating these warm (or in the microwave for 30 seconds) with ice cream and Caramel Topping.  Yumm..... I'm starting to drool just thinking about it.  Hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Canada Day for all you Canucks out there! 

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