Thursday, June 14, 2012

Relay For Life

So last Friday (June 8th) I participated in the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life.  It was super exhausting FUN!  At the start of the event, they had opening ceremonies and the Survivor's Victory Lap.  That's where all the survivors get to make the first lap, and they announce each name and how long they have been a survivor.  All the survivors got the yellow shirts.  They smallest they had was a youth large, so Hailey's is more like a wide dress.  LOL. And we all got those lovely neon green sunglasses.  I think Miss H was the youngest survivor there. 

Here's Hailey sharing some Duncaroos with a team mate.  She needed nourishment before her lap, of course.  hehe

Cool Dude!  I mean dudette.  After her lap, my husband took the kids home and I stayed for the Relay.  At least one member from your team was supposed to be on the track at all times. It went until 5:30am!  And it rained from 3:30 on.  Yuck.  But it was so fun and such a memorable night.  We had 12 people on our team and raised quite a bit of money for the Cancer Society.  They had events on all night -rope pull, foot derby (like a roller derby, but on foot), zumba, etc.  And a pancake breakfast at the end!

And of course, the luminary ceremony.  You could purchase these little bags with candles inside and write a message in memory of someone with cancer.  The money all goes to help people living with cancer.  This one was my favorite -wonder why.  A couple who are friends of our family bought it for Hailey.  They are so good to us, and so sweet.  Corey promised my daughter he would walk all night for her -and he did!  He made me look bad for retreating to the tent during some of the rain.  lol.  But I cried -A LOT -during the luminary ceremony when I found out they bought one for her. 

I am definitely doing this again next year! 

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