Saturday, August 4, 2012

SYTYC - Cupcake Stand

 Thought I would catch up a bit and show some of the projects I've done for So You Think You're Crafty

This Cupcake Stand that I made for the Summer Bounty challenge is pretty self explanatory -I just hot glued some cute plates to glassware I bought at the Dollarama.

But don't those Cheesecake Cookies look delicious??  Go HERE for that recipe from Heat Oven to 350.
They are so yummy. 

I made three different layers so they can be stacked in a variety of ways, or just set out separately.  I love the upside down glasses ... I'm thinking it could be really neat to put some flowers, ornaments, or fruit inside the glass parts to add a little extra color.

You could also use this to serve fresh fruits and veggies in the summer.  Or some corn on the cob.  Ok, and now I will back away from the keyboard and try to stop drooling over all the yummy foods on my mind right now.

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