Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Doily Dress Invitations

Hello again! This time I finally have more of a crafty project rather than a foodie one.  

I am now a leader in the Young Women program in our church ward and was put in charge of doing up the invitations for this year's New Beginnings night. It's basically just to welcome any new Young Women who are moving up that year, for those of you not of my faith who may have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyway...

I wanted something feminine - but also simple and not too extravagant and time-consuming since I was leaving for Chloe's surgery and didn't have tons of time the week before.

I decided on these pretty paper doilie dresses. They were not too complicated, but looked fancier than they really are because the doilies are lacy. I also love that I could do all different colors without adding lots of work.

You just need some circular paper doilies (mine were 10 inches), cardstock in various colors (12 inch square works well), and ribbons and small beads that co-ordinate with the cardstock colors.

Take one doilie and fold one side over - not in half... Maybe a third? Turn it so the fold is at the top (longer side underneath).

Take one corner and fold it over so it doesn't quite line up with the other corner, making sure the folded edge stays lined up.

Then you'll need to make a template for the bodice. If you wanted it to be a sleeveless dress you can simple cut a heart and cut off a bit from the sides. I added cap sleeves to mine.

Trace that onto another doilie. I used the center, non-lacy part. Fold the corner of the skirt part down a bit  so the resulting edge is the width of the waist of your "bodice" piece. You can trim the folded over corner off.

Glue the two pieces together how you want them. Then glue the whole dress to your desired cardstock. Make sure you glue ALL of it well. You might have to use some glue to tack down the top layers of the skirt down.

Then cut carefully all around the edge of the dress. Use some ribbon to embellish the waistline. Using some white or tacky glue, glue some beads onto the front of the bodice.

Then you can type up and print (or free-hand) the info you need, cut it out (maybe with scrapbook edging scissors?) and glue it to the back. Voila!

Aren't they dainty and darling?

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  1. Oh these are so cute! Would be perfect for a bridal shower. Would love it if you linked up on my blog hop Also let me know if you'd like to follow each other!