Saturday, September 8, 2012

Edmonton So Far

We have been keeping busy, my little Curly Top and I.  After her Pre-Kindergarten orientation, we flew out to Edmonton.  Here we are on her very first airplane ride (or rather, the very first one she can remember).  She was THRILLED to be on that plane, let me tell you.  She was giddy and giggly and didn't want to get off when we landed.  She was practically dancing in her seat from the moment we sat down til about half way through the flight.

Then we checked in at the Ronald McDonald House ("the Donald House" as Chloe calls it).

We love it here!  We visited with family (my cousin and his family) and then went back to the House to rest up.  We had to be at the Hospital at 7am!! Yikes!  So here is Chloe -bleary eyed and bored and hungry.  Wednesday was spent mostly at the hospital for the Pre-Admission Clinic (PAC).  This involves all kinds of tests (chest x-ray, ECG, echo, blood work) and consults (social worker, surgeon, fellow/resident, anesthetist, physio therapy, etc).  Here is early in the morning....

And here she is after opening the little gift Nanny sent her to open at the hospital!  She loved this crown and insisted on wearing it even for her chest x-ray.  The nurses adored her and she was thrilled every time they called her Princess Chloe.  Actually, when she had her echo done they let her pick a movie to watch.  She picked Little Mermaid and told everyone she WAS Ariel.  She even got a "friend" Jelly fish beanie baby during her ECG so that kind of added to the Princess Ariel thing going on.  Haha.  Too funny.

The next day was her MRI and 3D echo.  Unfortunately, she had to fast for that one because she had to be sedated for it.  She was fasting from midnight (although, what 3 year old is up at midnight to eat one last time?!).  It was scheduled for 9am, but something came up and they had to do an NICU baby first.... so finally at noon she got in.  Meanwhile, she hadn't eaten since 7pm the night before and she was MISERABLY hungry and TIRED... and therefore CRANKY!! They kept saying we should go on a walk, but every where we could walk there were people eating (or food smells from the cafeteria).  Here is my not so happy princess refusing to even look at me because everytime she asked me for food I had to tell her "after your test".  Poor thing.  She was a trooper though.  She was really brave when they put the IV in. 

After the MRI, when she was starting to wake up, they asked if she wanted Mommy but she was still really out of it.  When they asked if she wanted a snack or juice she tried to sit up and reach for it.  she barely even opened her eyes, but she was starving.  She downed 2 juice boxes there.  And then 4 of these popsicles upstairs.  Plus crackers, cheese, a cookie, more juice, water, and pudding!  Haha.  She was pretty content.  And they had a treasure box up there so when she left she got to pick a toy.  She picked a unicorn.... that squeaks when you squeeze it.  I think the cab driver secretly wanted to wring her neck by the time he dropped us back at the Ronald McDonald House.  Oh, and some nice mom who was leaving the hospital with a bunch of helium balloons saw Chloe and offered her a bright pink one!  Needless to say, she was pretty happy.

Here we are back at the House.  They have this play house outside that Chloe is obsessed with.  It's like a real house, but in miniature form.  There is a kitchen, upstairs, mini couches, etc. 
And of course we have to get all the monkey bars and climbing in that we can before surgery happens and then it will be 6 weeks with none of that.  I imagine it will be hard to keep my little monkey from her favorite activities....
Today (Saturday) we got to go to a Hawaiian birthday party.  My cousin's little girl had her 8th birthday party and they invited Chloe. 

We had lots of fun.  Only one more day of play time and then the big day.  Wish us luck!

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