Friday, September 14, 2012

Foodie Friday -Apple Crisp

Here's a little taste of what else has been going on in my kitchen lately.  A good friend has had the same problem with her apple trees that I have had with my zucchini plants -an over abundance of fruit.  Hence this next culinary adventure -apple crisp.  Ok, so it's not really much of an "adventure" since I've made apple crisp loads of times before (it being one of my all time favorite desserts).  But humor me, ok?  Actually, one thing you may not know about me is that me and apple crisp go way back.  Practically every year in my childhood I asked for apple crisp for dessert on my birthday.  Now that's loyalty right there.

 It also gave me an excuse to get out this nifty gadget we inherited from Paul's aunt.  It cores, peels and slices the apples all at the same time!  All you do is stick the apple on those spiky things and turn the crank.  Awesome!

 Two essentials you will need for any good apple crisp are brown sugar and cinnamon -and LOTS of them!

 I sliced enough apples to fill a 9x13 inch baking pan.  In between every couple of layers, I sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon.

Then make your topping and sprinkle it evenly on top. 

 Bake and enjoy!  Nothing better than warm apple crisp with vanilla icecream.  But I also enjoy mine as breakfast (*GASP!*).  Yes, I pour milk over it in a bowl and eat it for breakfast ... not the best example of healthy eating for my kids to model, but nobody's perfect. 

 Apple Crisp Topping:

1 c flour
1 c oats (quick oats)
1c + a little Brown sugar
1 c (2 sticks) margarine

Mix dry ingredients.  Cut in margarine.  Mix with your fingers until crumbs are the size of peas.  Sprinkle over your apples in a 9x13 inch pan.

Bake uncovered at 375 F for 50-55 minutes (or until apples are tender and crisp is lightly browned). 

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