Saturday, September 15, 2012

Surgery updates

For those of you who are interested, here is some surgery updates for you.

Monday they took her in at 7:20am. She was so brave. Daddy took her in when they put her to sleep. I had a hard time waiting outside -I'm used to being the automatic go to for hospital stuff, but she is old enough to ask for someone and asked for daddy. I was a little hurt but not too much. She's a daddy's girl.

By 1:30pm surgery was done and she was in the PICU for us to see. I didn't put a picture up here of her with the breathing tube because it might be a bit scary if you're not used to it (or even if you are).

She would not settle for very long at a time. They tried turning up the sedation and morphine but she was unhappy and trying to pull at the breathing tube. Which scared the heck out of me. So instead of fighting her on it, they turned it down til she was trying to wake up a bit and then took the tube out at 6:30pm! What a super star! Usually it takes a day or so to extubate them. And even after that they didn't have to keep her on oxygen that long either.

She was just flying through this recovery. We were all amazed. Without past experiences with the girls' heart surgeries, it has always taken longer than we thought. They say 7-10 days in the hospital but we are always here longer. This time we will be out (almost) for sure tomorrow!

By Thursday she had all the chest tubes out, pacing wired out and all but one IV line out. She was sitting up to eat, walking to the bathroom and being great.

We probably would have been out of the hospital yesterday, but she had thrown up a few times and they wanted to make sure she was ok. We have been cleared now and we think it was probably the morphine that upset her stomach. They had been giving her zofran (like extra strength gravol) before the morphine, but had stopped that because they thought she was doing ok with it. She's been fine ever since.

Now she is off all her meds except Tylenol and a baby aspirin a day to prevent the conduit they put in from clotting.

Go, Chloe, go! You are an amazing example to me of strength and resilience. I cannot believe your strength and how your remain so happy through out this. Love you do much!

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