Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zucchini (or Fruit and Veggie) Muffins

And, yet again... another zucchini recipe.  But you'd never know it from the taste of them -these muffins taste.... well.... amazing!  And I know, I use that word too much sometimes, but it's true!  The ingredients list turned me off a bit, but I was adventurous and tried it anyway.  I wasn't disappointed in the least.  They are healthier muffins and my kids love them.  

 You can find the recipe HERE at Mo' Betta.  But just as a sneak peek -the ingredients include whole wheat flour, crushed pineapple, zucchini (duh!), applesauce, bananas, etc.  And NO eggs!  Weird, but tasty.  So jump on over there and check it out!

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