Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Christmas lists

Does anyone else get the Sears Wishbook?  Ours came and the kids were so excited to go through it and look for things to put on their Christmas lists.  So we had a little fun with it.  I got us some BIG construction paper in different colors.  Blue for Carter, pink for Chloe, yellow for Hailey.  We went through the wishbook and cut out things they liked (and I wrote the page numbers beside each) and we glued/taped the pictures to the papers.  This way, even if Grandmas and Grandpas don't order from the Wishbook, they at least have an idea of the kinds of things each child likes/wants. 

The best part about this project?? I got my kids to stop asking (at every turn of the page) "Can I have this?" and start asking "Can I put this on my list?"  Now they are coming to understand that just because it's on their list, that doesn't mean they WILL get it, it is to help everyone know what they MIGHT like to have.  After awhile I didn't have to keep answering that question.  It was nice.

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