Thursday, June 23, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond! Upcycled toy rocket ship

We had accumulated a bunch of odd shaped containers from Hailey's needles.  Don't know what you would call them, but they were basically large plastic tubes with a cap to hold/protect the syringes/needles until we were ready to give them.  I saved them thinking there had to be something cool we could make with them.

A month later I finally got an idea:

It kept the kids entertained for awhile anyway.  I thought our mini Buzz Lightyear would fit (hence the title) but sadly his wingspan was too larger so we launched the sergent instead.

Father's Day gift + Welcome Home

Wow, it has been FOREVER since I last posted!  So, I must explain... if anybody is out there reading.... Bueller... Bueller....

I was in Edmonton for 5 weeks while miss Hailey had 2 surgeries and haven't had the time (or energy) to post yet... plus I was lazy and hadn't uploaded the pictures from my camera yet... anyway, moving along...

Behold -my glorious Father's Day creation for my Father-in-law.  Usually I find my Dad and father-in-law very hard to shop for but this year I came up with this idea ages ago.  Too bad my Dad is not a Roughriders fan too, or that would have been a super easy Father's Day. 

I took 2 cubes and a piece of a 2x6, sanded and painted them like this.
Then I picked out and cut some scrapbooking papers (I picked green and white prints and football themes for the Saskatchewan Roughriders) and mod-podged them on to the cubes.  Actually the darker brown textured paper that looks like a football said "basketball" on it and had a basketball image on part, but I saw it at Michael's and decided it looked close enough to a football so I took it.

Also, I wasn't a fan of the football print shown in this picture so I took it off and did two sides on each with the dark brown textured paper.

My wonderful sister cut me some lettering and numbers out of vinyl with her Stick-a machine.  She also helped me figure out which numbers to put on each block so we could make it go up to at least 30 days. Thanks, Sis!! Remember, there are 10 numbers (0-9) but only 6 sides on each. 

Used a white gel pen and a ruler to make the grid iron.  So proud of my masterpiece.

On one side it is a countdown to the Grey Cup (CFL, for you Americans) and the other has a countdown to kick off.  And he LOVED it!!

And, finally.... WELCOME HOME TO ME AND HAILEY!!  We were gone for so long and are SOOOOO HAPPY to be home!  She is doing great, and looking healthier and stronger every day. 

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