Saturday, July 9, 2011

A How to Train Your Dragon party -part 2: the pinata

This time for the pinata I used a balloon as the form/shape.  Makes it really quick -and EASY, which was nice because I was on a time crunch to get this party put together and I had been in Edmonton for 5 long weeks.

Painted it green with polka dots to be a "dragon egg".  But you could do it in one color and sponge on a co-ordinating color to make it look speckled, or whatever you want. 

We filled it with some toy dinosaurs (sadly, I couldn't find dragons at the Dollarama) and some mini bubble bottles, mini play doh containers, and, of course, some sweets.

I didn't make it strong enough though -we had one kid who really knew how to swing a bat and so not everyone got a good turn in.  Next year I will reinforce it -maybe 25 layers so that it holds up really well!

I just grabbed some paper bags and wrote the childrens' names on them and put some stickers on for loot bags.  For anyone who is going to try a pinata for a kids party, though, here is one rule we learned really fast in my house growing up:
When the pinata breaks no one is allowed to just grab everything.  You get a big bowl and everyone helps put the loot in the bowl, then you divvy it up later into the loot bags so no one is fighting over anything.

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