Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party -activities, pinata, cupcakes

We had a great party for little Miss Chloe on Saturday.  She LOVES Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so we had that for our theme.  I already shared the invitations with you, but here is the party. 

I used Kleenex boxes and other assorted boxes to construct some treasure chests -then I papie mached them and painted them yellow.  When the kids got there, we let them decorate their very own treasure chest.

I had some rhinestones from the Dollarama, white glue and markers.  If your kids are older you could use paints and other decorations, but I didn't want a giant mess with a bunch of 3 year olds.

The kids were allowed to dress up if they wanted, but Chloe (right) didn't want to be just a pirate... so she is a pirate princess. haha.

Here are some of the masterpieces.

I cut up some big triangles from scrap flannel I had and then zig-zagged around the edges to make each child a bandana.  The fabrics aren't all that pirate-y but oh well.  They got tossed in the treasure chests along with the loot from the pinata (more on that later!).

Then we played a pin the sword on Jake game.  I printed it out here

We went to break the pinata but Captain Hook had taken it away!  Oh no!  So we got out Cubby's map (that I drew the night before) and set out looking for the pinata.

We started at Butterfly Bluff.  I got out our Pooh's Blustery Day game and we tried to catch some butterflies.  Ignore the tree in the background -my mother in law is a crazy person who leaves her Christmas decorations for a LONG time.
I didn't get any pictures of the other parts of the hunt.  Next, we had to cross Mermaid Lagoon.  I put a blue sheet on the floor, then we sprinkled "pixie dust" on everyone and Paul and I flew them over the Lagoon.  After that we went through Tiki Tree Forest (aka the hallway, with paper trees on either wall).  And we found the pinata!

I was pretty happy with how the Izzy pinata turned out.  I wish I had made ears that stick out instead of just painted on, but Chloe liked it.

Here is the loot.  Chocolate coins, butterscotch candies and gold wrapped peanut butter cups.  I tried to get candies that could pass for treasure.  And I found those cool fake diamonds at Dollarama.  I also threw in some necklaces.

And some action shots.

I actually made a "Team Treasure Chest" so we could put all the pinata loot into that and I could sort it out later into their little treasure chests to make sure everyone got the same amount.... I guess I missed getting a picture of that.  I will take one later and put it up.

Then we had cupcakes and ice cream.  I made the toppers out of fondant.  The faces are just a circle and then I cut other shapes for hair, bandanas, etc.  I drew the faces on with edible markers.  I put them on a cookie sheet and lightly covered them with plastic wrap until the day of the party.  Then I laid them on top of iced cupcakes. 

Give us cake!

After cake was presents ... and then, because we over estimated how much time a party with 3 year olds takes, they played until all the parents got there. 

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